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& nbsp; Nike products are renowned for their unique and novel design is known, the new three products the most praiseworthy is its resilient cushioning system. NIKE SHOX cushioning system is resilient Nike November officially introduced to the world of the latest sneakers technology, it has been a marathon of research for 16 years, at the same time, NIKE SHOX series in the history of sports shoes are the footwear after the longest and most developed rigorous testing of products. Exterior design inspiration elastic heel cushioning columns from the rocket booster; silver upper design creativity is derived from the 1995 silver Porsche factory. NIKESHOX of elastic cushioning column is not an ordinary material, but a high-tech wear-resistant high elastic foam material, in the past mainly used in Formula One racing chassis suspension system. These elastic cushioning column principle as a trampoline. & Quot; absorb and control the whereabouts of the impact energy, and thrust reversers rapidly upwards. In the new Nike NIKE SHOX cushioning system elasticity ads first use & quot; BOING & quot; the word. Its & quot; Boing & quot; is a onomatopoeia, Retro jordans for sale sound like one kind of rebound. Is described NIKE SHOX sneakers bring elasticity athletes feel most vividly summed up the elastic elastic function NIKE SHOX cushioning system. The NIKE SHOX to the world's first sound & quot; Boing & quot; in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Olympics, the US Dream Team Carter, Jason Kidd a Tim Hardaway one, a Houston Allen, Abdullah Rahim in a game all screenings are wearing NIKE SHOX basketball shoes to race. ? after the Olympics, Vince Carter did not recover, he and Gary Payton for the filming of the latest Nike NIKE SHOX production called & quot;? Boing & quot; ad film. NIKE SHOX basketball shoes in this ad, known as & quot; glove & quot; reputation in the NBA guarding against said Payton finally failed to seal & quot; Peter Pan & quot; Carter, accompanied Youyuanerjin & quot; Boing & quot; sound, the latter wearing NIKE SHOX jump too high Payton gigantic bomb explosion wig nice dunk. According to Nike's engineer, Shox series because of its shock absorbing heel suspension system named after (Shox means shock absorbers). This system is compared with the air system over the past 20 years, Nike has been used, c cheap foamposites alled a technical leap. 4 column by means of a spring-like elastic foam material, new shoes not only has a buffer cushion, but also to provide thrust. bubble column with four instead of ordinary heel, it sounds easy, but doing it is not easy. In order to meet the requirements of both sneakers biomechanics of the human body, but also able to withstand the wear process Over time people wear, we conducted a research trial lasted several years. Subsequently, the researchers then proceed according to the needs of different sports Shox series designed running shoes, basketball shoes and all-around shoes. In fact, this will be introduced in the spring shoe design philosophy can be traced back far a century ago. Mechanics and biology professor at Harvard University applied late Thomas? McMahon first proposed the "coordination" runway idea that added damping material on the runway in order to improve the speed and reduce the risk of injuries athletes. He said that perhaps we can use the spring to become an ordinary sports shoes sneakers can be coordinated. Nike is in 1984, after listening to his design philosophy, the idea began to be applied to the Retro jordans for sale design and manufacture of sports shoes. In fact, the first one made in 1984 Shox sample is not so much sports shoes, rather more like a medieval instrument of torture. Tests show that a huge steel spring mounted on the heel of its bulky and lack of stability, even worse, is that people feel they can spring jabs through the soles of their feet when worn. Since then, researchers have been introduced and tested in many different materials, including glass fiber and column tests of carbon fiber so. Unfortunately, these materials have undergone a fracture or broken in repeated trials. Until 1997, the researchers finally found after wrestling with effective solutions: in between two layers of flexible plastic plates sandwiching an elastic vertical column. This key material used is designed for the automotive industry and a newly developed carbamic acid ethyl foam. Now, this material is widely used in manufacturing from small vans to Formula One racing car, including the engine frame. ? One of the main designers of Shox series, biomechanical engineer Gordon Vaillant said with confidence: "The foam material is very durable." This foam if fall on Cheap air jordan 12 ovo a hard surface will bounce high. In fact, this is the design philosophy behind Shox series of sports shoes: elastic column encountered external shocks and compression, and then when they restore the original height of the outbreak of the rebound will be pushed in front of the wearer. This design concept in the design of this shoe is its head. Shox running shoes security of the four about 2.5 cm high elastic columns, forming a square matrix, they provide a strong stretch for the wearer. But for such a motion basketball, athletes need to continue to do lateral activities, this stretch but it will have a negative effect. When the athlete on the court suddenly left and right, sometimes fast start, stop and sometimes when I do not want to over-rotation pin produce biased side. ? Nike basketball class technological innovation Dick Oldfield, director, said: "The challenge we faced was that on the one hand to make sneakers provide elasticity, but while maintaining sufficient stability." This is exactly the Nike Sports Research Lab has been tireless pursuit of the goal. The laboratory has been established for 20 years, now has a total of 16 study bio cheap jordans online mechanics expert. Their full range of research equipment and advanced technology, including the ability to run precision measurement platform during the foot load force; show shoe lining foot high and low pressure zones; measuring electrode leg muscles; and high-speed cameras It allows researchers to observe the athlete running in sneakers or basketball game of the flexibility and elasticity. In a preliminary laboratory study found that use of the image, when the basketball players in the field high-intensity exercise, elastic column Shox sneakers performance was not stable enough. Thus shortening the length of the strut researchers in its inside so that they can add a scratch engraved to the inside bend during compression, but also reinforced the top and bottom of the liner, and an increase in a rear portion of the shoe is connected layers liner belt. versatile sneakers are a combination of basketball shoes and running shoes features its elastic column height is moderate, but slightly thicker than the pillar of running shoes a little. At the same time, the designer also designed a pillar of different sizes to accommodate different sizes of cheap jordans for sale mens shoes. Just change the size and shape of the elastic column, replace the liner with different characteristics, Shox sneakers will have a completely different performance. This feature makes the Nike Shox series engineers fully Xiang "coordination" of sneakers a step forward. Nike hopes to eventually be able to build micro-processing, for each customer to design and manufacture its own sports shoes in the series, and the time required for making prints like a roll of film - in less than one hour. At the same time, Nike also hopes the same as the year the implementation of cushion, Shox technology will be extended to different parts of the sneaker. Valente said confidently: "We will conduct a comprehensive improvement of this technology." Engineers have recently started trial production of a micro-pillar Jiuzheng in order to provide protection for the forefoot cushioning the impact. exposed heel pillar will become a new fashion sport shoes. In fact, Shox sneakers have been exposed on the surface of the Sydney Olympic Games this year, four teams of the American dream Vince? Carter and other players wearing it participated in the competition Cheap air jordans for sale . Flexible column director of retail chains Athlete Foot Research and Development Center of Tom? Bruce Nick will Shox Series called "revolutionary progress." According to reports, in Brooklyn Nick hosted a try experiments, Shox series doing a great job. He firmly believes Shox limitless prospects. "Shox series launch will set off a technology race." Bruce said Nick, other companies will launch their own new systems, new technology, "I was wait and see." Wen Chinese: Although not as good as the sole manufacturer of the Road Nike elastic column design that completely radical, but the new sole technology may soon appear in the streets, these design allows runners to get in the rugged woods on the road more support and stability. Many shoe manufacturers and sports science laboratory is likely to introduce new sole design. Solomon company uses in its off-road sports shoes Raid four-layer composite sole design: hard rubber outer soles provide a secure grip; plastic liner distorting support and protection provided, the cushion layer is used to relieve external shocks, and hard plastic heel ankle is to provide sufficient stability. Similarly, in or cheap jordans for sale der to pursue higher stability, Vibram company uses an embedded liner in the design, in order to better support the soles of the curve, to provide protection. The company designs the S-curve shape Exotech sole located between the outer layer and the buffer layer cushioned sole. Merrell's 2001 running shoes will be using this technology. Solomon's Raid and 4-layer composite soles of running shoes, very comfortable to wear sports.NIKE recently for the new spring and summer 2013 is Lunar Solstice Mid SP "White Label" package. This "white label (White Label)" was originally called the Italy manufacturing ("Made in Italy") series, although gaiminghuanxing into a "white label", but still produced in the territory of Italy, all leather the top choice of material, the top series belongs to Nike Sportswear, so the quality is a guaranteed. The tube two shoes black color, the black color similar hidden light obsidian, and blue is the sky blue, with the upper Nike century 80s has characteristics of newly developed Lunarlon seismic technology, is a kind of find everything fresh and new feeling. New products will be landed within a few weeks, the major ret Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ailers all over the world, you have to start with friends ready to rush to buy. as an integral part of Jordan Brand, Jordan Spiz'ike with its faithful to the first year of the classic elements of its perfect stitching together, and many Sneaker fans love. Today, another piece of news about these shoes has excited us again, and that is, Jordan Spiz'ike will land on NIKE ID at the end of April 24th, with a custom price of $210. So want to, the classic elements by using AJ 3, 4, 5, 6, many people from the shape of the Jordan Spiz'ike for having heard it many times such as shoes, can the color release restrictions, let customers choose our favorite color, it will undoubtedly be a blessing for all fans of the shoes. What are you hesitating about? Think about how you should wear your shoes! 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But the brief excitement will soon be replaced by a bland atmosphere. How to make off-season is not weak? How to use relatively light time to prepare, in the market season to come, better seize market share? That's what businesses are doing at the moment. businesses themselves last weekend, the reporter to feel obviously in several large shopping malls of the atmosphere is uneven: individual commodity sales area guest a lot less than usual, like vegetables, food and other consumer goods, after four pm is very popular, taking by season launch discounted merchandise popularity is also good. many consumers are shopping malls in Mackay, launched " send 300 yuan to buy 200 yuan coupons to attract " the first floor of the hall, temporary leather shoes, sports shoes, clothing and other spring counters, such as the formation of big time effect; cosmetics area on the West side of building, but also because of the launch of the " to send 200 yuan to buy 50 " coupons to attract a lot of female consumers. It is said that the price of cosmetics has been relatively transparent, usually rarely discounted profits, plus various cosmetics brands sold in the mall is largely the same, some brands of each type of product price, consumers are aware of the discount of girls do not let consumers feel picking up small cheap. at the same time, Abba, north of China World Trade Center, Chinese likelai have also launched a discount sales activities, such as Liqun group 1 fold promotions, 2 Zheqi sale products, likelai shopping full 200 yuan to send the Plum Blossom Festival tickets are very attractive. Accompanied with the promotional activities, as well as with seasonal and special consumer groups launched the festival consumption, like the China World Trade Center " Festival, wedding bed; " Liqun suit, Parkson cosmetics Festival, are very targeted, the effect is very good. some rational conscious and not to the pursuit of fashion consumers tend to be active during the season of shopping malls. Businesses in order to free up funds into seasonal goods, often in winter shoes, clothing and other goods real clearance sale, although these goods to this winter is not popular, but also not too backward, buy these goods at lower prices, or very affordable. home appliances aimed at home improvement wedding for home appliance retail enterprises, the market will be more light now. TV, refrigerator, Kitchenware